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As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have a fiduciary responsibility to each of our clients. Simply put, we must put their needs first in everything we do.  We offer comprehensive wealth management including, Retirement Income Planning, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, and Insurance Services. 

Retirement Income Planning

One of the most important life objectives for our clients is how they can prepare financially for life after their main vocation.  We perform a comprehensive review of our client’s current situation.  We then use that information, including their Social Security benefits, retirement accounts, taxable accounts, etc., to show what one may expect when they retire.  If any changes need to be made, we prepare actionable steps that our clients can take to ensure they achieve their retirement income goals.  During this process, we utilize a client facing portal that aggregates all the client’s assets and liabilities into one place.  This technology provides the client the ability to view their accounts and their plans at any time from any device.  Over the years, as circumstances change we continue to update their retirement plans.  Many clients have dreams to fulfill at this point in their lives and our goal becomes to assist in making these dreams a reality. 

Financial Planning

Before a client can even consider a financially secure retirement, the process of financial planning for them as begun at BWA.  We evaluate the steps clients are taking to meet their short-term objectives (College, Saving for a First or Second Home, Taking a Break from Full-Time Work) and their long-term objectives (Retirement Planning and Estate Planning).  We also ensure clients understand any areas in which they are taking risk or are ill-prepared for in their lives.  We monitor client’s financial plans annually to verify that clients are on track for success.  As necessary, we make adjusts for changing economic conditions and changes in client’s lives. 

We evaluate client's company benefits on an on-going basis to ensure our client are getting the most out of their employers benefits.  We ensure clients are properly exercising their stock options, restricted stock units, their insurance, and their company retirement plans.  

Insurance Planning

Whether it be life insurance or long-term care insurance, we evaluate our client's insurance needs based upon their unique circumstances. Insurance is a vital part to our client's long-term successful wealth management plans. We can review existing policies to evaluate their effectiveness or assist in securing our clients with new policies. When used properly, insurance can be a tool used to protect or maximize one's assets.

We can help sift through the common insurance questions such as: Do I need permanent insurance or term coverage? Am I spending too much for coverage? Do I have enough insurance? Does long-term care insurance make sense for me? Could life insurance be used effectively in my estate plan?

Estate Planning

We can assist in the important aspects of planning for the distribution of our client's assets at their passing or prior to their passing, according to their wishes. Doug Bartolf has served and is often named as a fiduciary in clients' estate plans. We work together with the estate planning attorney to craft a plan that meets our client's wishes, is tax efficient, and asset protection efficient. We act as a liaison between our clients and attorney, saving time and money.

All families are different, yet seemingly face similar challenges in this vital area. With our experience in the estate planning field (Doug was an estate and trust administrator for many years), we help clients determine how to not only equally, but fairly, distribute their family assets among family members or others, including charities or charitable foundations. In addition, we routinely work with multiple generations in the same family, ensuring the smooth transfer of assets and responsibility over family heirlooms.


For clients that (who) place a priority on philanthropy, we assist in devising the most tax efficient and appropriate ways to provide those gifts.  There is a myriad of ways that clients can provide the support to the charitable organizations they value.  We help them decide the proper method and the proper asset to donate.  In the event there is a long-term desire to support a charitable organization, we work with a client’s attorney to provide the structure by which to accomplish this desire. 

Tax Planning

Clients know that the only rate of return that matters is their after-tax rate of return.  We structure our accounts in the most tax advantageous way for our clients.  We also review client’s tax circumstances to determine which investments may be appropriate and which ones to avoid.  Proper tax planning can make the difference between achieving the stated objectives or falling woefully short.  The evaluation of which types of accounts client’s ought to utilize is also vitally important to achieving the best possible outcome for a client. 

The determination of which accounts to set up and the titling thereof is vitally important to clients’ achieving the best possible, tax-efficient results.  We are not CPA’s, so we call upon the clients tax preparer to assist in this process.

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