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Estate Planning

We can assist in the important aspects of planning for the distribution of our client's assets at their passing or prior to their passing, according to their wishes. Doug Bartolf has served and is often named as a fiduciary in clients' estate plans. We work together with the estate planning attorney to craft a plan that meets our client's wishes, is tax efficient, and asset protection efficient. We act as a liaison between our clients and attorney, saving time and money.

All families are different, yet seemingly face similar challenges in this vital area. With our experience in the estate planning field (Doug was an estate and trust administrator for over 10 years), we help clients determine how to not only equally, but fairly, distribute their family assets amongst family members or others, including charities or charitable foundations. In addition, we routinely work with multiple generations in the same family, ensuring the smooth transfer of assets and responsibility over family heirlooms.

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